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Two types of systems as below:


1. Application:The DC  solar residential system is applied to the environment that is far away from the major power grids, remote areas and traffic inconvenient areas with low power load, such as remote pastoral areas, households without electricity, island base station, microwave station, border posts and so on.  This system mainly includes solar modules, solar controller, battery, cable and other accessories, supplying the power to many loads, like DC light, DC TV, radio, speakers, mobile phone, camera and so on, which satisfies residents’ basic living requirements.



  • Fully generated by solar power without external power supply

  • Exempting some engineering constructions, such as substation, high and low voltage circuit and matching-electronic system, etc

  • Independent power supply, protecting famer’s normal electricity use under natural disasters

  • Low-voltage power supply; safe operation; convenient maintenance


2. Application : To supply the power for nearby users, AC off-grid residential system can be turned into micro grid with public grid or diesel generator. Via this system, small distributed power station can be also built in villages, pastoral areas, mountains,  medium and small cities of the development or commercial districts, which meets the local electricity demand. This system is composed of solar modules,  solar square brackets, DC combiner box, DC power distribution cabinet, solar controller, solar inverter, storage battery and AC power distribution cabinet and so on, which provides the power for  some household AC loads, like AC TV, computer, air condition, refrigerator,  radio, speaker and fan, etc.



  • Making full use of solar power with programmable priority based on users’ actual use

  • Decreasing the cost with installed on the roof

  • Reducing the use of battery and cost with accessible public grid and diesel generator     equipment

  • Environmental-friendly

  • Convenient installation and maintenance

  • High return on the investment

  • Excellent power supply protection

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