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  5158 Clareton Dr. suite 968
  Agoura Hills, CA     


  Tel: +18184598178

Company Profile

Current Location :

GTEC Intl-Solar, LLC is wholly owned subsidy of GTEC Intl, LLC Company.

GTEC Intl-Solar is authorized distributor of Pvinergy Technologies, and other Renewable Energy Products.

: Pvinergy Technologies is an Alternative/Renewable Solar Energy Solutions 

Provider; it is part of Power-V Group, multi-national group of companies.

Pvinergy operation in the two most powerful economic centers of the world USA/California & China/Asia put us in most unique and competitive position, where we can provide state of the art technology, at most competitive Asian prices, and world class quality & customer service.

Pvinergy Technologies; core competencies are, Design & Manufacture (R&D, ODM/OEM) of:

  • Solar Inverters for residential & industrial, (5W to 1,000W)

  • Solar hybrid inverters for off-grid, and on-grid.(1KW to 30KW)

  • Solar Water Pump Systems, (1KW-75KW, 1-2-3 phase/1Hp to 75HP)

  • Solar LED Street-lights (All in One), (8W to 90W)

  • Solar Controllers, Chargers (PWM & MPPT)

  • Solar Integrated Systems for Home/Residential & Industrial Applications (iSolar),

  • Solar Freezers (60 Liters to 550 Liters)

  • Private Label OEM/ODM are welcome.

  • Outdoor Cabinets

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